The Luminary Dream of the Blue Violet Butterfly by David Detrich

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A Surrealist Text by David Detrich
                                                                 To André Breton
The luminary dream of the blue violet butterfly is written in the mystical poetry of the exquisite corpse . eye harp . envisioned as a celestial body . tree figure . whose roots run deep into the wonders of the unconscious, as the pastel chalkwork of the novelist falls in love with the irrational sentence structures produced by the psychic automatism of the poetic erotica . typographic composition, a technique which reflects the images of the literary characters–that's you, Love–foreseen in this wood ornament embellished novel. A Valentine red heart shaped fluttering with the resemblance to sensual silhouettes . surreal poets . abstractions, a novel of visions inspired by the mountains of Big Sur with allusions to the dream images of the blue violet butterfly . chalk gray dove . topless mermaid personifications, where the surreal gentleman flirts with the elegant dancer who creates a juxtaposition of golden earrings . urban starlight . diamond lights . complimenting the relationship of face . inner flame . breasts peaked with redwood forests ascending into snow peaked mountains, as two bubble enclosed worlds suggest the constellation of the solitary lovers. 

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